Sunday, January 31, 2010


OK, so I thought I put a 1990's picture of the Lee's on this blog-but obviously I STILL don't know what I'm doing...oh well-it's a really cute picture of their family as I remember them :)

I LOVE this family!

I LOVE the Lee Family! Yesterday I got to meet up with my dear friend, DeAnn and her DARLING daughter, Alicia. Their family were our neighbors long ago, but moved to Washington. Bummer! But, thankfully, we've stayed friends and DeAnn was here visiting so she took time out of her BUSY schedule (4 of her kids, their spouses and kiddles live here) to spend time with me. THANK YOU, Lee's, for sacrificing your mom's time--I really needed to laugh, eat and TALK with her! I'm sure glad that friendships are eternal...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Made It Through the Week

Well, it's Friday and I'm glad. I didn't have school on Monday so it was a short week-but it seems like this week was about a month long. How does that work? My class wasn't especially hard, but the days just seemed long. We were going to have spaghetti for dinner tonight, but a Papa Murphy's pizza was calling my name so my sweet husband went to buy it. He cooked it and served it up and even cleaned up after me. Did I say how glad I am that it's Friday?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Got to see Steph!

Last night at about 9:00 Steph called and said she was on her way home. Now remember, she's going to school in Cedar City and it takes about 3 1/2 hours away! She didn't have basketball practice today and she doesn't have any classes on Tuesday, so she jumped into her car and headed home. I'd like to say it was because she missed her mom and dad so much, but it was really to see Trace. Oh well---we'll take her any way we can get her! She slept in, ate, showered, got her car licensed and took off again today. Oh, to be young again...

Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm trying...

After taking LOTS of grief from Hays about how I don't know how to use a computer, I went to a class tonight at the Apple store to learn about iphoto. The best thing I learned is that there are other people who are dumber than me!!

Christmas 2009 was really nice. Haley and Danny spent the night and went to Danny's parents' home to talk to Danny's brother on Christmas morning. We waited for them to come back before we opened our presents. That was okay though cuz Steph loved sleeping in. We exchanged presents, ate cnnamon rolls for breakfast (as usual) and then had dinner with the Thomas'. It was fun to see Ethan and Mayce and of course to have Court-e-court here. Having good friends to share holidays with is wonderful!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I love it!

OK, so Hays calls me while I'm shopping and tells me to look at my blog. I know there's nothing on my blog, but I wondered if something "bad" happened! When I got home and looked, I found this darling blog started. I love it! Problem is, now I don't know how to post any pictures. I kinda drive Hays crazy when I ask questions, so I'm gonna try to figure things out on my own. I'm really not dumb...I have a Master's degree for Pete's sake, but I'm computer illiterate...